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What Advisors Really Don’t Like About Their Incentive Compensation Plans

Here are six things advisors don't like about their firm’s incentive compensation plans and how these issues can impact the achievement of performance objectives.

The Power of Client Engagement, an Interview with Julie Littlechild

Our interview with Julie Littlechild on the power of client engagement and how it works for advisors and wealth management firms.

Automating Emails for Increased Client Engagement

Learn how to automate an email series by setting triggers based on different actions. Connect a MailChimp form to your website and create an automated welcome series with different parameters.

The Power of Email Tools for Your Advisory Business

We explain the benefits of email automation for businesses. The tutorial goes over how to create a free MailChimp account and how to get your welcome series started.

Summer 2018 Reading List – A Book A Week Challenge

The Xtiva team has put together our summer 2018 reading list – 12 titles to dive into this summer at the beach, on the dock or in your yard.

Top 5 questions asked by Xtiva customers and prospects

Jeff Marsden answers top questions Xtiva customers and prospects ask about incentive compensation, sales performance and technology in wealth management.

Insights from Pershing INSITE™18

If you missed INSITE18, we’ve got you covered with this summary of key takeaways.

Xtiva & Absolute Engagement announce alliance

Orlando, FL – June 6, 2018 — Xtiva Financial Systems, Inc. and Absolute Engagement Inc., have announced an alliance to help advance advisor success and achievement with a focus on…

Mistakes advisory firms make with incentive compensation

Incentive compensation is among the most important aspects of the advisory business, but many firms are making mistakes that hinder their performance.

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