Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Sales performance management (SPM) is a business operations discipline that is typically supported by one or more software applications. The discipline focuses on gathering and analyzing metrics to monitor and guide sales professionals, incorporates incentive compensation and other reward practices, involves disciplined forecasting, emablement techniqes, talent development and sometime other functions such as territory optimization. The overall goal is to align efforts with key opportunities, align resources, improve sales performance/productivity and increase revenue and business results.

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Commonwealth Financial Network selects Xtiva for enterprise-wide SPM technology solution

NEW YORK – APRIL 12, 2022 Xtiva, the only provider of Sales Performance Management Technology and Services exclusively for the financial service industry, announced that Commonwealth Financial Network®, a national…

Cetera Financial Group selects Xtiva for enterprise-wide SPM technology upgrade

Xtiva Reward to support Cetera’s aggressive strategic business objectives including accelerated growth, streamlined operations and increased business scale.

Xtiva and Whealthcare Solutions form strategic alliance to enhance wealth…

Integration with Xtiva Intel and Reward Suite will enable firms using these Practice Management, Enterprise Analytics, and Incentive Compensation tools to leverage the capabilities of Whealthcare Solution’s award-winning financial wellness…

Xtiva and partner Ezra Group Launch Performance Assessments and new…

Advanced expertise for Xtiva customers to strengthen their data-as-an-asset and organizational performance and transformation capabilities.

American Portfolios enhances front office technology with addition of Xtiva…

New York, NY – December 7, 2020 — Xtiva, the only provider of Sales Performance Management Technology and Services exclusively for the financial services industry, announced that American Portfolios Holdings,…

AE Financial Services upgrades to Xtiva

AE Financial Services is upgrading its compensation tools to Xtiva Reward.

Data Foundations for Wealth Management 101

As a wealth management firm, your data strategy is no longer an adjunct to your business strategy. Rather it is now core to it.

Xtiva expands Canadian footprint and welcomes Harbourfront Wealth Management

Harbourfront adds Xtiva Reward Incentive Compensation as it builds out technology platform to support aggressive growth.

Why ‘Best Pay’ is not the right question

Don't focus on best pay, by itself. Look at it in the context of how you can build the most value for your advisory practice over time.

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