Xtiva Supports The Center For Discovery

by Lucy Leiderman on May 18, 2018

What is the importance of a central gathering place for a community of children, adults, and families with disabilities, autism, and medical frailties? To those who attend programming at The Center for Discovery, it means everything.

This spring, Xtiva was honored to give back to the New York community by providing the highest level of sponsorship as a Champion for Discovery at The Center of Discovery’s annual Evening for Discovery Gala.

The Center for Discovery is a national specialty center that provides health, wellness, and educational services for those living with autism and various forms of disabilities. Designated as an organization of excellence by New York State, people both at home and internationally are drawn to the Center for Discovery as they continue to advance their research and programs for a myriad of conditions.

Each year, the Center for Discovery receives a large amount of funding for their research and programs from the Evening for Discovery Gala and Xtiva was happy to be a sponsor. Thomas Moysak, CEO of Xtiva, helped to raise and provide funds to the world-class Center for Discovery and donated his time as Co-Chair.

According to Tom: “I wanted to lead our team by working on something that was meaningful in our community. I knew that The Night for Discover Gala would give Xtiva a chance to be a part of something bigger, while strengthening our company goal of always achieving more.”

(Xtiva team members at the Night for Discovery Gala)

The Center for Discovery has a variety of programs including the Children’s Specialty Hospital, Pediatric Center of Excellence, Food and Farming Arts, Assistive Technology, and more. The Center excels at seeing opportunity in every individual, which is a big part of Xtiva’s philosophy on support our teams, and the teams of our customers, to always achieve more.

(Xtiva listed as a Champion for Discovery along with the other sponsors)

(A thank you message to the Center for Discovery)

Why do we get involved? Our community grows our future, and for those of us locate in the State of New York, The Center for Discovery is a shining example of the resources around us – both human and capital – coming together to create great individuals and support the families of those who need it most.

Xtiva is proud to be involved in the New York Community and to have supported The Center for Discovery on their mission to provide a variety of special education programs to over 1,200 children, adults and families each year.