Xtiva Signals Evolution with Launch of New Brand Image

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by Rick Scearbo on December 5, 2016

NEW YORK, NY. December 5, 2016 – Xtiva Financial Systems has launched a wholesale makeover of its corporate brand, unveiling a new logo, website and brand positioning. Xtiva’s new brand image reflects the company’s new mission.

“This re-imaging of our brand identity signals a major shift in the direction of our company,” said Thomas Moysak, CEO of Xtiva. “Two years ago, after extensive research with the market and our customers, we embarked on a journey to build a new Xtiva. We are going to help lead our customers into a future where they can be more, do more and achieve more. This re-branding is an important step along that journey.”

Xtiva is re-engineering how financial service firms evaluate, enable and support the success of their sales organizations and in turn drive better overall corporate performance. Though a significant investment in the build-out of the leading-edge Xtiva Cloud platform, execution on the roadmap for an innovative new Product Suite and a continued investments in tools to enhance the customer experience, Xtiva is changing the game for performance focused Financial Service firms.

For more information, please visit the new Xtiva website at https://xtiva.com.

About Xtiva Financial Systems

Xtiva provides a suite of innovative sales performance management tools and services exclusively for financial services via the Xtiva Cloud platform. Over 80 enterprise broker-dealer, RIAs, custodians and insurance firms use Xtiva’s award-winning software, services, and support to maximize their salesforce investments and business performance. Xtiva’s customer obsessed team is dedicated to ensuring its customers and their partners achieve more everyday. Learn more at https://xtiva.com, via Twitter or on LinkedIn.