Xtiva Launches Xtiva Connect to Enhance Data and Application Integration and Collaboration

New integrations will enhance functional connectivity between the XtivaCloud Platform and the wealth technology eco-system to support rich data-driven insights and front office velocity.

Xtiva has announced the launch of its Xtiva Connect integration service that expands on its data-driven products for the financial services sector. “We’re excited to make data-driven decision making easier for customers through our Connect product,” said Rhonda Ritter, Director of Data & Analytics, Xtiva. “Organizations are often data rich and insight poor, due to a lack of data liquidity. We are fixing that.”

Xtiva Connect links a range of upstream and downstream systems and data sources, allowing customers to interact with a variety of different applications directly from the Xtiva platform. New insights can be gained by securely combining internal data with a multitude of traditional and innovative external data sources.

The initial release of Connectors will include upgraded integrations for a number of key industry data sources, including Pershing, Fidelity (CCS) and DTCC plus new integrations for customers using Oracle, NetSuite and Workday tools. Xtiva expects to add Connectors on an ongoing basis.

“Our integration capabilities increase connectivity and automation between Xtiva, our customers and our partners,” explained Jeff Marsden, Xtiva’s Chief Product Officer. “Xtiva Connect works across a variety of data environments, data types and data processing styles to enabling Xtiva customers to drive new value from all their data assets and increase their return on technology investments. The wealth tech firms benefit by linking their applications more tightly to the front office users and can better demonstrate the value of their tools in driving velocity.”

About Xtiva

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