Xtiva & First Rate to Support Wealth Management Firm Growth

Through data intelligence and collaborative solution development, First Rate and Xtiva are aligning to provide enhanced solutions and services to their respective client bases

ARLINGTON, TX (July 11, 2017) – Xtiva Financial Systems and First Rate, Inc., have announced a partnership designed to improve access for their respective clients and bring new solution features to market. The alliance will enable clients to add substantial value to their suite of solutions through enhanced, actionable data intelligence. Collaborative solution development in both First Rate and Xtiva will allow for scalability in growth and in daily operational efficiency for each respective client base.

“Wealth Management firms are increasingly seeking integrations that expand the value of their front-office technology investments, especially in areas improving data intelligence supported action plans,” said First Rate General Manager of ARKON Patrick Flaherty. “We expect clients to enjoy richer data in ARKON, enhanced value from their CORE and Fee Manager services, and additional impact from their Xtiva Product Suite.”

Alliance Highlights:

  • Each company will have access to the other’s client base, accelerating access to additional clients and markets;
  • Existing data integration linkages will expand to enable even easier access to the respective solution suites and extend the value of each implementation;
  • It will allow collaboration on the development of solution extensions, among the first of which will be the exposure of Xtiva actionable insights to joint users via their First Rate ARKON CRM;
  • First Rate will be among the first firms to gain access to the Xtiva Cloud SDK in 2018, enabling First Rate to develop capabilities for Xtiva clients directly.

First Rate and Xtiva are committed to working together to enhance the value and experience for their respective client bases, and the solutions will immediately become available to each client base. This partnership is the first step in a future relationship of launching compelling collaborative solutions and services.

“We have had a positive experience working together on mutual clients, so this expanded partnership naturally followed. The firms align nicely in approach and customer focus,” said Xtiva Chief Product Officer Jeff Marsden. “This is the template for the type of alliance that profoundly benefits clients – accelerating action on existing services while fostering the creation of some compelling new solutions and services to be added in the future. We are – to say the least – excited.”


Rick Scearbo, CRO