Xtiva – Decades of Reliability

At Xtiva, we exclusively work with Financial Services firms. This means we appreciate how unique and intricate your business need are, including the myriad of complex producer, regulator, operations, shareholder and customer driven issues. And, we also know how important the reliability of your technology is to meeting the needs of all constituents and the success of your business. We understand how critical the accuracy of your Incentive Compensation Management system is – performing reliably and in a timely manner – to your goals. For over 20 years we have taken our customer needs to heart and delivered the products and support they needed. Now, we taking that commitment even further with our new platform, XtivaCloud. It is something even better than we have delivered over the past 20 years. The powerful innovations and capabilities at the core of XtivaCloud, combined with our experience in reliably delivering a 5-star customer experience, prove we have the ideal product for our current and future customers.

Our commitment has always been more than the performance of our products, it has been about supporting the performance of our customer’s business. That is what earns us 5-star customer feedback. We know customer experience really matters. We also recognize the changes that happen in your operations and the unforeseen circumstances that may arise in your business. Our Customer Success team are always ready to help get you back on track as soon as possible.

We attribute our perfect reliability record to:

  • An intense focus on Customer Success across our entire organization. At Xtiva, it all begins and ends with the ‘Customer’;
  • The establishment of a deep understanding of all of your operational and technical processes that are involved in supporting your Compensation and Performance Management efforts;
  • Fostering open and frequent communication between our teams to help build a cohesive working relationship with our customers. This makes day-to-day performance better and accelerates resolution of any issues that might arise.
  • A full team of engineering and technical professionals devoted to keeping a record high uptime on all Xtiva products so that our customers never experience an outage

When we built XtivaCloud, we knew we could achieve more – we knew there were opportunities to further support our customers and extend our reliability. So we created the XtivaCloud platform, which offers massive scale, barrier-free speed, virtually unlimited aggregation possibilities, and is purpose-built for integration with other tools. This user-friendly and extremely reliable product is the foundation for our new Xtiva Sales Performance Management Suite.

Our Industry expertise and decades of experience brings confidence and reliability to your business and XtivaCloud future-proofs your technology investment. We are the sustainable, reliable solution that will last. With XtivaCloud, you have incredible reliability and confidence in your Sales Performance Management investment.