Working With Xtiva

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by Jodi Taylor on February 4, 2019

As you begin the search for the right opportunity for the next chapter in your career, here are our top reasons why Xtiva may be a great fit for you if you want to make a mark in the fintech industry.

Here at Xtiva, we are built on a wealth of experience, knowledge through data, and the amazing ideas generated by our team. We are pursuing an ever-changing, fast-paced, multi-billion dollar market; but more importantly, we are changing how the human side of financial services performs during a time of greater technological innovation and integration. Our people, customers, and culture are redefining what it means to be a fintech company. And we’re looking for more great forward-thinkers to join our team.

In making your next chapter here at Xtiva, you would join our team of exceptional thinkers, amazing developers, incredible marketers, and obsessive customer advocates.

Keep reading for more reasons to join Xtiva’s innovative, growing organization.

Tackle interesting problems

Changing how financial services sales, service and advice channels perform is no small challenge. And the imperative for change means the stakes are high for financial service firms and their front line staff. These organizations are facing a storm of change and they need new and better tools and our help to enable them to achieve more.

Support world-class customers

Outstanding customer success is a hallmark of Xtiva and it all starts with our people. We work for the user. Our customers and their needs drive us to make the best product on the market as we move forward in building the next generation of software for wealth management, insurance, and financial service companies. If you are looking to provide the best experience possible for exceptional clients, then Xtiva might be the perfect match.

Work with great people

This is an organization with a strong leadership team, a user-obsessed customer success team, and an innovative engineering team. Which means that at Xtiva, you can rest assured that you will be surrounded by colleagues who will help you grow and achieve more. We are known in the market for delivering smart, effective solutions that have reimagined how financial services sales forces are able to perform – and it takes great people to do that.

Xtiva gives you the chance to work in a relaxed culture with support and collaboration across departments. If you like smart, committed and amusing (sometimes even fun) colleagues, Xtiva is the right place for you.

In the market, we use the phrase “A powerful Sales Performance Management platform built and run by the people you’d want behind you in a trust fall” to encapsulate the culture at Xtiva.  We make trust and team work our core values when it comes to our employees and our customers.

Learn through experience

Throughout your career you may find companies that feel like they stifle the creativity and ingenuity of their workforce due to a fear of risk or failure. Not at Xtiva. Here we encourage everyone to ideate, try, and learn. This approach not only helps the organization evolve and improve, but it also benefits the employees professionally to grow through experiential learning. Corporate, professional, and personal development through experimentation is one of our cornerstones – join us if it’s one of yours, too.

Experience a healthy work-life balance

Our team embraces a work-life balance that few companies can match, especially in the financial services industry. At Xtiva, we offer the opportunity for our teams to work remotely with flexible schedules and the latest technology and tools for collaboration. We believe in a healthy work-life balance and lifestyle for remote and on-location employees and have collaborative offices throughout North America. Ultimately, we pride ourselves on achieving more by working smarter, not harder.

Make a difference

Xtiva is a rapidly growing company that is still on the smaller side, which means that as part of the team, you have the opportunity to shape and make a difference in the future direction of the product and company. You have the unique opportunity at a crucial point in the industry to re-engineer how financial service firms think about and manage their performance.

Many Xtiva employees have expressed that an advantage of working for Xtiva is that the sharing of ideas is encouraged and all contributions matter. As a flat organization, you have the opportunity – indeed are expected – to contribute ideas, make decisions, and have a substantial impact. Drive or navigate, there’s no room for passengers.

If any of these reasons to join Xtiva resonate with you, be sure to check out our Careers page for current opportunities. Also, go to our Glassdoor profile to read reviews from current and past employees in addition to our company information, photos, and updates.