Top Posts of 2017

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by Jeff Marsden on December 28, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close and we look ahead to 2018, it’s a great time to pause and reflect on the past year. And in case you missed them, we thought we’d recap some of our most popular posts from the year in one handy place. Below, you’ll find our top 5 posts from 2017 – we hope you enjoy them.

1. Finserv People to Follow

April 2017
If you’re looking to keep on top of finserv industry trends, you’d be well served by following the individuals below. It’s not an exhaustive list, and shouldn’t be interpreted as ranking of importance, but rather a starting point to fill your feed with some of the top commentary in the industry.

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2. Wealthtech Trends to Watch in 2018

December 2017
Finance is becoming a technology play. The successful wealth firms a decade from now will have made more right decisions than wrong – and learned from their mistakes. We reached out to some online influencers and prominent commentators in the WealthTech and asked them: “What is the most important wealthtech trend to pay attention to in 2018?” These are their responses.

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3. Rebooting Sales Performance Management in Financial Services

September 2017
Throughout my career, I’ve observed that financial services firms continually struggle with the challenge of ensuring the performance of their frontline staff, most commonly, although not exclusively, their financial advisors. This challenge weighs heavily on their financial results and impacts their overall success as businesses.

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4. XtivaCloud – Future-Proof Financial Technology

April 2017
Technology platforms are increasingly important in determining which financial services companies will survive and thrive in the digital age – and which ones won’t. Financial technology must meet a growing list of requirements in order to succeed – it must be robust and resilient, flexible in managing complex products and business processes, secure and compliant, and scalable in its capacity to integrate ever-growing unstructured data sets.

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5. Merrill Lynch Refocuses on Performance Culture

May 2017
This week Merrill Lynch made a very significant announcement. With a swift kick, they are abandoning the aggressive recruiting behavior that has dominated their growth strategy – and the market – for most of the past two decades. The implications of this shift may be felt across the industry for many years.

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