Best discussions about financial services and wealth management on LinkedIn

If you spend any time on Linkedin, you know it’s become the social media network for business people, where many of us keep connected with our valuable professional networks and learn about changes in progress in industries important to us. Yes, it has plenty of abandoned profiles, lurkers and creepers, and folks that use it only as a news channel, not to mention the ‘likers” and one-word commenters (eg., “Congratulations!”). But, if you look hard enough, there are more than a few folks that understand the benefits that come from compelling discourse among peers.

People often wonder about the real value of social networks like LinkedIn. Personally, I think it’s in the conversations and dialogue that can occur between thoughtful, knowledgeable people within our industry. And sometimes with geographic dispersion, remote working arrangements and increasingly frenetic schedules, those don’t happen as easily as they once did.

So we’ve compiled a short list of people we know, many in the wealth advisory space and others more broadly part of the financial services industry, who are sparking and contributing to meaningful sharing and discussions about our industry. I’m not saying I agree with them, nor that you should, only that if you appreciate meaningful discourse, these folks do as well.

I’m sure there are many others out there, so please reach out and share the name of someone you think is contributing to good online discussions. It’s a rich world. Let’s share as much of the goodness as we can.

Bernard Letendre, Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Canada, Manulife

Bernard is a corporate leader with a purpose. Not content to merely perform his corporate duties and lead his organization, Bernard is compelled to write about important issues of the day, matters of leadership and quality of life. Whether he’s sharing an article with commentary or writing from his own point of view, Bernard is an engaging leader in the finance industry and worthy of some of your attention.

You can view Bernard’s latest LinkedIn posts and shares including a couple – this one about having balance in one’s life and this one on meaning in life – that seem to have struck a chord.

JIM MAROUS, Co-Publisher,

Jim is one of the hardest working influencers in banking and fintech. He’s co-publisher of The Financial Brand, the second largest online publication in the financial space, and has published numerous articles, studies and the Banking Transformed podcast on the digital challenges facing retail banking and financial services providers. Hardly a week goes by when Jim isn’t keynoting a conference somewhere half-way around the planet.

Follow Jim’s latest shares on LinkedIn or take in the conversation surrounding his view that Data and AI power the future of engagement in financial services.

LEDA GLYPTIS, CEO at 11:FS Foundry

Dr. Leda Glyptis is the innovator’s innovator. After spending years in the trenches fighting for digital transformation inside banking businesses, Leda understands the challenges facing innovators and change agents in incumbent financial organizations. And she writes about those challenges in her weekly Fintech Futures column.

Leda’s authentic style is refreshing and engaging and often good conversations break out when she shares her posts on LinkedIn. If you’re looking for engaging commentary on life in financial services during a time of digital transformation, check out Leda’s recent LinkedIn post and discussion around work-life balance.

CRAIG ISKOWITZ, CEO at Ezra Group Consulting

Craig is a leading wealth industry strategist and technology specialist. If you’re a Twitter user, you may also know Craig for his tireless live-tweeting at industry conferences and the comprehensive follow-up articles he publishes on his website summarizing key event takeaways. Craig also produces and hosts the podcast ItzOnWealthTech.

You can (and should) follow Craig’s LinkedIn feed and while you’re at it check out his post: Third-wave of financial advice.

EFI PYLARINOU, Fintech and Blockchain Advisor

Efi is a Switzerland-based, independent advisor/consultant focusing on capital markets and wealth and asset management transformations with Wall Street experience. She is also co-founder and author on The Daily Fintech.

Efi is an active sharer of insightful content on her LinkedIn feed and recently shared an article entitled “Zero-commission brokers selling order flow are the new intermediaries. Who will disrupt them?” which sparked some interesting discussion.

JOSH BOOK, CEO, Parameter Insights

Josh is a digital strategist and heads up Parameter Insights, specializing in research and insight-driven strategies for the wealth industry.

Josh is an active participant in many online discussions about digital wealth technology and customer/user experience. Check out his LinkedIn feed and his recent post entitled: “It’s Not F@#$!ing Robo!”

URS BOLT, Expert Advisor, Bolt Now

Urs is a Europe-based consultant to the wealth industry, specializing in wealthtech, investment banking, and family offices. He’s a frequent speaker at industry events in Europe and Asia and is an active social media curator and sharer of great content.

Check out Urs’ LinkedIn feed and the discussion surrounding his recent presentation on Millennials and succession in the wealth industry.

RON SHEVLIN, Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors

Ron is a prolific commentator with a notorious reputation for snark. He writes about banking and fintech in his regular Forbes column which, when shared to LinkedIn, provokes good discussion with important implications for wealth management.

Keep an eye on Ron’s LinkedIn shares, in particular, the recent discussion about consumer interested in a Goldman Sachs’ checking account or the older post, Is Silicon Valley eating the banks lunch, or just the crumbs?

MICHAEL KITCES, Publisher, & Partner, Pinnacle Advisory Group

Chances are, if you’re in the wealth business, this guy needs no introduction. Michael shares many of this blog and weekly reading posts to LinkedIn as well as other relevant articles. Surprisingly, many of his shares don’t get a lot of discussion, but the ones that do generally attract insightful commenters.

Follow Michael’s LinkedIn shares, and check out the discussion around this recent post on the problems recruiting wealth management industry talent in 2020. Here are some good older posts as well: The value of a financial advisor or applying more rigor to financial planning.

SALLIE KRAWCHECK, Co-Founder and CEO, Ellevest

Sallie’s been around the block in financial services – a few times. In her newest venture, Ellevest, Sallie is extremely active on LinkedIn sharing articles and sparking vibrant discussions on feminism, women and money and gender bias. Check out her weekly “Financial Feminist Fridays” posts – they’re awesome.

You can follow Sallie’s shares on LinkedIn, but be sure to check out her recent post, Do you work for a Todd?

Again, if there is someone else you follow on LinkedIn who is sharing great content and sparking engaging conversation, please let us know. Thanks!