Finserv People to Follow

If you’re looking to keep on top of finserv industry trends, you’d be well served by following the individuals below. It’s not an exhaustive list, and shouldn’t be interpreted as ranking of importance, but rather a starting point to fill your feed with some of the top commentary in the industry.

Leading online voices in financial services

Michael Kitces

Michael Kitces at Nerd’s Eye View is something of an institution in the financial services space. His opinions and ideas on financial planning and practice management are shared widely within the industry, including his Weekend Reading for Financial Planners, produced every week. Get his latest posts emailed to you by visiting his website here (click the big green button to subscribe).


Bill Winterberg CFP®

Bill Winterberg’s FPPad takes a special focus on financial planning technology. Based in Atlanta (considered by many to be a rising fintech hub in North America), Bill created FPPad to help bring technology-enabled human financial advice to more people, more affordably. You can subscribe to the FPPad Newsletter here.


Susan Weiner, CFA

As a CFA, Susan Weiner has a solid financial pedigree that she has translated into a professional writing business. Follow Susan for tips to improve your writing where it counts – including your client communications and marketing materials, and subscribe to her blog here.


Victor Ricciardi

Victor Ricciardi is an Assistant Professor of Financial Management at Goucher College, and a leading expert in the area of behavioral finance. You can follow Victor on Twitter and find his book, Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing, on Amazon.


Jon Chevreau

Jon Chevreau is a leading Canadian personal finance author. He writes for the Financial Post and on his personal blog, Findependence Hub.


Carl Richards

Carl Richards is known widely as Behavior Gap, or ‘the guy with the napkin doodles.’ He has an incredible ability to put complex ideas into a simple, visual format. Check out his insightful podcasts and clever sketches on the Behavior Gap blog.


Sheryl GarrettSheryl Garrett

Sheryl is a fee-only planner who has authored and co-authored over a dozen books, in addition to appearing frequently in leading business and finance publications. She also created an organization for advisors, called the Garrett Planning Network.


Roger Wohlner

Roger Wohlner, also known as the Chicago Financial Planner, offers ‘objective information about financial planning, investments, and retirement plans.’ Read his insightful posts here.


Josh Brown

‘Downtown Josh Brown’ is the outspoken voice behind Reformed Broker – a smart, snarky perspective on the financial industry. The blog is best described by Josh himself:

The Reformed Broker began in November of 2008 and has become one of the most widely-read sites on the financial web.

This blog is about markets, politics, economics, media, culture and finance.

I’ll use statistics, satire, anecdotes, pop culture references, sarcasm, fact, fantasy and any other device that I feel necessary to get my points across.

What I don’t do on this site is give financial advice or tell anyone what to invest in. The Reformed Broker is a forecast-free blog.

Top Finserv People to Follow


Jeff Rose, CFP®

Jeff Rose is an advisor who’s made a name for himself as an author, publisher, and speaker. He also writes about the mechanics of producing a financial blog. Visit the Good Financial Cents blog to read his posts.


Cathy Curtis

Cathy is the founder of Curtis Financial Planning, a fee-only investment advisory and financial planning firm focused on the needs of women. Her blog, Of Independent Means, is one of Nerd’s Eye View’s Top Advisor Blogs. Read it here.


Bob Veres

Bob Veres is a regular contributor to Financial Planning magazine, where he posts about topics relevant to financial planners. Through his own website, he offers a subscription service: members-only content, including pieces that advisors can share with their clients. Read his blog, Inside Information, here.


Michael Kay

Michael Kay always seems to have something thoughtful and relevant to write about on his ‘Moneylogue’:

Moneylogue [mu-nē-log] (n.) blog, writing or speech about money; story in which money contributes largely to the plot, themes, and character development.

Read the Moneylogue here.


Joel Bruckenstein

Joel Bruckenstein focuses on the technology side of the financial services business, as a writer, consultant, and speaker.

You can read his fintech posts on the T3 Technology Hub blog here.


Marie Swift

Marie is a leading communications specialist who has worked with top financial advisory firms for almost two decades. Her blog highlights industry best practices, while also sharing some of her own tools and ideas aimed at helping independent financial advisors.


Julie Littlechild

Julie Littlechild is a speaker, writer and the founder of In her recent book, The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement, Julie outlines practical strategies for how financial professionals and entrepreneurs can design businesses that support the lives they want to live.


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