How Advisors Can Boost Digital Marketing While Social Distancing

Keep your practice top of mind during a crisis

Even if everyone is currently practicing social distancing, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your marketing efforts. In our modern world, financial advisors benefit from digital marketing more than ever before. While traditional forms of marketing like snail mail are still valuable, don’t underestimate just how powerful it is to market your practice online as well.

Within the next few decades, over $30 trillion will pass from Baby Boomers to Gen X and Gen Y. With younger generations tuned into cyberspace, now is the time to boost your marketing to meet this shift in demand. Since everyone is currently practicing social distancing, hit the ground running with your digital marketing efforts which attentions are focused online.

Just because these ideas are digital doesn’t mean they’re impersonal. Marketing online is a way to increase your reach, build trust, and leverage your expertise. Let’s get started by exploring the best ways to boost digital marketing efforts while social distancing.

targeted Ecampaigns

Email marketing is alive and well in 2020. You might have noticed an influx of emails from a variety of companies since this recent period of uncertainty began. That’s because everyone knows just how powerful email campaigns str for engaging current and prospective clients.

Studies show that it’s most effective for financial advisors to touch base with clients 12 to 18 times a year. With email marketing leading to an average of 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the U.S. alone, this is the best way to check in with your clients and prospects.

How to get started: Create an email list if you don’t already have one, and build a campaign to check in with current and prospective clients. Share your best content to engage them in your practice.

host a webinar

People need information now more than ever before. One way to share information with a large group of people quickly is through a webinar. This is an engaging online event where a speaker or group of speakers gives a presentation to an audience virtually.

You can host a webinar for existing clients, prospective clients, or both. The goal of these virtual events is to encourage people to utilize your services. You could create a webinar on how to manage finances during a crisis, how to protect your retirement, or any other topic you think would interest users right now.

How to get started: There are a lot of free and paid tools to plan and launch your own webinar. You can use Leadpages, Zoom, or even YouTube.

Video marketing

Now is also a great time to boost your video marketing efforts. While there’s a myth that video marketing is complicated and expensive, this isn’t the case at all. You don’t need fancy equipment or editing skills to get started. As long as you have a camera (or smartphone) and some patience,  you can create videos for your advisory practice.

How can you best use video to boost your business while social distancing? Try these ideas:

  • Share a video introduction on your website
  • Use video to walk new clients through your process
  • Send a virtual video check in to existing clients

How to get started: Consider the type of video that’s best for your practice. From there, make a few short videos and start testing them with new and existing clients.

Become active on social media

If you’re not already on social media, now might be the time to get started. While it’s always smart to engage with your community on social, this is especially true during times of crisis.

Staying top of mind while social distancing is much easier on social platforms since this is where people are already engaging with topics and businesses they’re passionate about. Sharing your content, videos, and other support resources with your network on social media keeps your practice in the loop when it matters most.

How to get started: Engage with your community on social media by sharing relevant content. Keep the focus on supporting your network and social listening.

optimize while social distancing

Just because you and your prospective clients are staying home doesn’t mean you can’t focus on digital marketing for your business. Now is the best time to refresh your digital marketing efforts, whether you’ve always wanted to try video marketing or you’re hoping to launch a webinar.

While it’s easy to feel like today’s uncertainty is reason enough to put a stop to your marketing efforts, resist this urge. It’s important to stay light on your feet and to adapt your practice in times of change. Remember, you’re not in this alone.