5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Use Video Marketing to Generate Leads

All you have to do to see video marketing in action is open your social media platform of choice. From Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn, everywhere you look there are videos attracting attention. In fact, one-third of online activity is spent consuming video content.

Why is video so powerful? To put it simply, it’s more personal. It’s not a wall of text on the page. It’s your voice talking directly to your audience. It’s much easier to trust someone you can actually see on the screen compared to a blurb on a social media wall. Additionally, an impressive 51% of marketing professionals point to video as the type of content with the highest ROI. 

How do you get started with video marketing as a financial advisor? In this guide, we’ll share 5 unique ways financial advisors can use video marketing specifically to generate leads. You don’t need any professional video experience to get started, just a bit of confidence on camera. 

1. Share Your Client Stories

The first way to use video marketing is to tell your client stories. You might also think of this as a testimonial. Your client stories are one of the most compelling tools your financial practice has. They act as a virtual referral, building social proof for your skills and know-how. 

Online testimonials and reviews are the foundation of any financial practice. A startling 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. You need a way to make these stories pop, and that’s where videos come in. 

Having your previous clients share their stories of working with you on camera will go a long way. Not only can you get their unique perspective on why your practice is valuable, but you can also have your best clients advocate for you. 

2. Explain and Educate

Part of building trust as a financial advisor is demonstrating just how savvy you are about your practice. Your clients trust you with their money and their future. That’s a heavy burden to carry, so how do you manage it? 

Using video to showcase your financial skills and know-how is another successful way to build trust. Educate your audience about your process, your tools, and your experience. Break down large, complicated topics in a way they can understand. Offering this type of value will help your users realize you’re the expert they want on their team. 

3. Tell Your Story

Video is a powerful medium for introducing yourself. When you appear on video, you can look at your audience in the eye and really share your story. What makes you passionate about your practice? What inspires you every day? These are the things that will help you stand out and align with your customer’s journey

Including a video about you and your experience on your website and social media shows your audience that you’re passionate about your practice. You want to be visible and available to your clients. People trust other people. If your about section on your website is lacking dimension, a video can bring your story to life. 

4. Comment on News and Events

News and events are always circulating, and how you respond to them can impact your practice. As a financial advisor, you need to have a prepared response to common news stories, events, and other financial happenings. Staying up-to-date on financial news and events is a good start, but bring your clients into this discussion.

Creating short, informative videos that explain these events, trends, and so on is a great way to build a social media presence or even round out a blog post. It might sound simple, but people are looking for personal experiences and perspectives on these platforms. Again, it’s all about building trust. 

5. Process Demonstration

Finally, offer a process demonstration video. When your clients work with you, they’re putting a lot of trust in your ability to get the job done right. With a process video, you can “show” rather than tell your process. Explaining in a simplified, step-by-step way how you work with clients can help take the plunge to work with you. 

Your clients don’t know the ins and outs of the financial world. That’s why they’re coming to you in the first place. Show them you care about their involvement with a process video. Bring them into your methodology so they can see why your practice is better than the competition. 

Financial Advisors Need Video Marketing

Creating videos as a financial advisor might seem like just another task, but it’s one of the most powerful ways to stand out online today. We’re used to seeing endless text on websites and social media platforms, but video makes us pause. Things like financial podcasts, videos, and so on are changing the way advisors find clients. That’s something you should be taking advantage of for your practice.

Whether you’re answering common questions or letting prospects into your strategy, video is an important tool for your business. Your brand relies on your ability to market yourself as unique and valuable, and video helps you get there confidently.