11 Finance Podcasts You Won’t Want to Miss

For long drives, the gym, or whenever you pop those headphones in, we've found 11 finance podcasts that educate and entertain.

Finance is an ever-changing industry and there is a constant source of information to absorb. Finding new ways to educate your clients and yourself is important to ensure that you are providing your them with the most valuable advice.

Podcasts are a great way to learn new things and keep up on industry trends – especially when you don’t have a lot of extra time. Often, podcasts are on a set schedule or free to download or stream anytime you would like to listen. We put together this list of 10 11 podcasts that we think provide the most relevant information to you and others in the finance industry. These topics include fintech, banking, investing, motivation, and more. Happy listening!

1. Breaking Banks

Brett King, a four-times bestselling author and host of Breaking Banks walks his listeners through changes in the banking industry and shares where he believes the future of banking is headed. Listen to Brett King and his co-host share their sales ideas and strategies to help financial and insurance advisors succeed. With a wide range of topics, Breaking Banks provides perspective into the finance industry from many angles.

2. Rebank: Banking the Future

Rebank: Banking the Future is a podcast that focuses on fintech, banking, and financial services. The host, Will Beeson, has been involved in digital transformations across the finance industry and he brings his knowledge into the show. More relevance is being placed on new technology and Will Beeson debates these ideas for the fintech industry to follow along with.

3. FPPad

The podcast FPPad inspires financial advisors to use technology to provide their clients with objective and affordable financial advice. FPPad was originally a blog and today is a hub of resources for advisors. Bill Winterberg, host and respected figure in the financial planning industry places his focus on technology in this podcast.

4. Between Now and Success

This podcast brings strategies, tips and tools that the financial industry can use to succeed in business, investing and life. Host Steve Sanduski is an executive coach, speaker, blogger, NY Times best-selling author and founder of financial consultancy Belay Advisor. Between Now and Success offers great insight for professionals in the finance industry including tutorials, tips to
grow your business, and stories of success.

5. Financial Advisor Success #FASuccess

Financial planner and host Michael Kitces began this podcast in January 2018 and now has over 75 episodes. Michael Kitces shares his passion for lifelong education and teaches advisors how they can continue to practice better ways to inform their clients well. Financial Advisor Success features many guest hosts from the finance industry. The website goes by A Nerd’s Eye View at Kitces.com and offers a variety of different services such as Michael’s consulting, public speaking, and blog.

6. OddLots

In a podcast by Bloomberg News, Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway banter about hot topics in finance, markets, and economics. OddLots covers a wide variety of different topics and goes into so called, “not-so-random” stories about different industries. Although these topics can be somewhat obscure, Joe and Tracy speak about how they apply to the financial industry and share key takeaways to remember.

7. The Automated Advisor Podcast

This podcast shares advice from some of the greatest marketers in the financial industry. Host and financial visionary, Brandon Stuerke speaks about different marketing methods for people in finance to make their busy lives easier. These topics include client acquisition, digital automation, business strategy, and more. Brandon goes into detail on how to generate and close more leads, and essentially, grow your business entirely.

8. Breaking Money Silence

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury is a wealth psychology expert, international speaker, author and the host of Breaking Money Silence Podcast. As most Americans stay silent about their financial concerns, Kathleen speaks about the topics that are most difficult for people and teaches them to break the silence. Financial advisors gain a lot out of this podcast and learn about having empathy during some of the most challenging and emotional financial conversations with their clients.

9. Freakonomics

Freakonomics was created by Steven D. Levitt, a professor at the University of Chicago, and Stephen J. Dubner, the award-winning author and host of Freakonomics. The podcast formed as their books, Freakomonics and SuperFreakonomics, went on the Times Best-Seller list and became very successful. This podcast goes over new things as Stephen J. Dubner uncovers strange topics that people think they know, (but don’t), about economics.

10. The Meb Faber Show

The Meb Faber Show focuses on growth and preservation of wealth. Topics of the podcast include investing, profitable ideas, bonds and real asset markets. Meb Faber is an author, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. The show is all about investing smarter to become wealthier and wiser.

11. Becoming Referable 

Stephen Wershing and Julie Littlechild, along with their guests, share current research, evidence-based strategies and insights from experts from within financial services industry and beyond. Becoming Referable can help you increase referrals by focusing on actionable ideas that you can use in your business – right away.

For more ways to stay updated about trends in the finance industry and to learn more about the future of what it’s becoming – check out our post on the top reads for tech and the future of wealth management.

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