Sales Performance Management

With the launch of our XtivaCloud platform and Sales Performance Management Product Suite, we’ve engineered a Performance Management application that works seamlessly with our Incentive Compensation Management application to help you focus on all aspects of performance – sales performance, delivery performance, financial performance, and team performance. The Xtiva Performance Management application will empower you and your Users to drive optimal performance across your team. Our Performance Management tools are built on the XtivaCloud rich data environment – augmented by your extended technology and data assets – with comprehensive and powerful business insights. Our Performance Management engine will drive truly actionable recommendations that are contextually relevant to each user. That is how we achieve greater success for the organizations using Xtiva – we ensure Performance Management efforts are optimally informed and supported by actionable insights. Our Performance Management tools are purpose built to support development and use of strategic incentive compensation plans and your organizational focus on continual progress. And our Performance Management application empowers every user – front office, back office, executive office – to access a personalized dashboard with critical insights into their business performance and opportunities.

With Xtiva Performance Management, users throughout your organization can:

  • Find information easily via our organized and modern Performance Management dashboards, which are personalized by the user for maximum usability;
  • Ensure your team is efficient and effective. From simple incentive compensation summaries to operations reports and comprehensive insights on specific KPIs, each user can access the information that is right for them with maximum ease;
  • Enable your users to tailor their experience to increase their engagement and effectiveness;
  • Go beyond simple, high-level descriptive reports and access opportunities insights and action recommendations to drive real progress on performance;
  • Leverage benchmarking insights to improve understanding of unit performance and relative performance. By incorporating intra-firm and marketplace benchmarking information into your business plans and management activities, your team can take action to improve the business and capture performance gains quickly;
  • Build and use KPIs that are unique to your business;
  • Collaborate with colleagues using integrated workflow and messaging tools to improve Performance Management