Pegeen Channell

VP, Organizational Performance

Pegeen Channell is a process excellence advocate with a proven delivery track-record. She is responsible for ensuring the resources of Xtiva and our partners are enabled to maximize on delivery. She is responsible for organizational coordination, measurement, reporting and our Project Management Office.

During her career with Xtiva she has played a key role in virtually all aspects of the business, managing Professional Services, Engineering, Support, Account Management, and Operation. Her professional experience prior to Xtiva includes a notable tenure at UpTick Technologies, where she managed projects and lead business analysis and development teams responsible for the rollout of two generations of a back-office financial service product. She also has experience with product, professional services and support in larger organizations. At CitiGroup she worked with diverse teams to champion the revamping of the online banking payment application data libraries, which led to significantly improved user application experience. Seeking to make a professional impact in the nonprofit space, she worked on an operational and financial efficiency project that culminated in the rollout of a new accounting system. She began her career with American International Group supporting users responsible for corporate and shareholder financial reporting.

Pegeen lives on Long Island, NY where she is mom to two children starting to leave the nest. She is an avid beach goer and looks forward to getting back into skiing during the winter months once her cold adverse children head south.