Jeff Marsden

Chief Product Strategy Officer

Jeff leads our group that plots our corporate strategy, creates and builds our products, engages and manages our partners and supports our sales and customer success professionals with product marketing and support content. He has spent his career in financial services and financial technology focused mainly on helping organizations find a path to outstanding performance. After spending 7 years working as a Strategic Management Consultant for the senior teams at many top financial services firms across North America, he shifted to the financial technology sector. He’s an inventor also (if being patented means you are an inventor) and he is a thought leader on front-office business performance and writes on occasion for industry blogs and publications. 

Jeff is stricken by the entrepreneurial gene and has founded or co-founded 5 companies (6 if you count that neighborhood dominating landscape operation back in the 80’s) across several industries including Environmental Services (Environmental Ventures), a digital Recruiting Marketplace (CareerLink), a Practice Management technology (PriceMetrix Inc.), a technology focused corporate advisory firm (Oxygen Ventures). He also ran a wealth management marketing services aggregator for 2 years. He loves to mentor co-founders of technology start-ups and maintains an active mentoring portfolio.

Jeff is a member of the Board of Directors of Canadian Asset Management firm Bristol Gate Capital Partners and is based in our Toronto office.