Jayson Ambrose

VP, Product

Jayson is responsible for product solution definition, design and delivery. Jayson has been leading product development teams for over ten years with experience in multimedia content management, digital advertising data management, online communities, mobile apps, financial services and analytics.  Jayson has a passion for building and leading agile software development teams and process across product management, design and engineering. He is obsessed with product fit to customer problem and relishes the opportunity to bring our product team into dialogue with enterprise customers and end users.

Jayson drove rapid product innovation using a flexible and disciplined process of customer research and agile software development in his past role at Audience Partners.  With a strong background in delivering web and mobile apps through the entire product lifecycle, Jayson thrives on working with a team of user experience designers, developers and product colleagues to drive user growth, engagement and revenue.

Jayson also develops family side projects such as a digital home assistant, and sports statistics.  As the VP of Super Advanced Hockey Analytics, he provides data collection, warehousing and visualizations that are used to optimize lineups and tactics for aspiring NHLers. Jayson is based in Toronto.