Incentive Compensation Planning

Incentive Compensation is a powerful tool in assuring the success of your organization. We believe that your business is best served by great Incentive Compensation plans that are tailored to your specific needs – needs that are unique to each Xtiva customer. Our Incentive Compensation Manager Application enables you to develop, set-up, and operate incredibly powerful, strategically aligned, and operationally reliable incentive compensation plans. Your team will enjoy the confidence that your Incentive Compensation plans will strongly support the execution of your strategy at the front line and perform with incredible reliability thanks to our flexible data models and robust operational engine. We’ve eliminated the guesswork that used to exist with Incentive Compensation plans, and have created a unique solution that offers the flexibility to design something custom and responsive.

With Xtiva you can:

  • Set-up and manage a single enterprise-wide Incentive Compensation plan, multiple Incentive Compensation plans for specific cohorts in your business, or a unique Incentive Compensation plan for each individual;
  • Go beyond production or revenue. Embrace more advanced compensation designs – consider if gross margin, assets, financial footprint, growth, salary or dozens of other factors comprise the best foundation to your plan;
  • Build dynamic incentive targets – driven by KPIs and rich data – into your Incentive Compensation Plans. Get ‘Big Data’ power by leveraging our Xtiva data pool and our deep integration to your critical technologies – in-house or third party – to access the right data and services to power your plans;
  • Link your Incentive Compensation plans together to multiply impact and reinforce co-operative behaviours across your organization;
  • Make your Incentive Compensation plans more customer focused through inclusion of instructive customer metrics such as retention, expansion and satisfaction;
  • Enhance the impact of your Incentive Compensation plans with Xtiva Best Action recommendations that link incentive goals with business opportunities unique to each user;
  • Easily create new Incentive Compensation plans, edit existing plans and change plan participants from a clean, simple to use interface;
  • Monitor and evaluate your progress. With the user-friendly, easy to use Xtiva dashboards, assessing each plan and tracking your business performance is simple.

Your business is unique – unique strategy, unique operational model, unique culture. Xtiva Incentive Compensation Manager is designed to fit with your unique business, enabling your team to Achieve More.