The DOL & Advisor Practices: Hard Questions Advisors will Ask

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by Jeff Marsden on June 21, 2016

Part 2 in our series examining the implications of the US Department of Labor’s ‘Fiduciary Rule’.

The ‘DOL’ is a game changer. Like most, we believe that the DOL Rule will be among the most material factors to impact the industry in the past 3 decades. Advisor conduct, customer interaction, pricing, compensation, supervision, technology… all of it will be affected. We invest a lot of time speaking with our Customers about their business performance, helping them respond to regulatory and environmental changes and assisting them to successfully acquire and on-boarding new firms and Advisors. It’s pretty safe to say that we are in ‘the thick of it’ with them.

Here are some of our viewpoints on the DOL and how Advisors should be examining and transitioning their practices.


Download: The DOL and Advisor Practices.