Top 5 questions asked by Xtiva customers and prospects

Jeff Marsden answers top questions Xtiva customers and prospects ask about incentive compensation, sales performance and technology in wealth management.

Insights from Pershing INSITE™18

If you missed INSITE18, we’ve got you covered with this summary of key takeaways.

Top Posts of 2017

As we look ahead to 2018, here are our 5 top posts from 2017.

Merrill Lynch’s big shift in Incentive Compensation

Merrill Lynch's recent incentive compensation changes signal a shift towards a stronger Sales Performance Management posture in the organization and the wealth industry as a whole.

Rebooting Sales Performance Management in Financial Services

I’ve been around the financial services industry for quite a while, almost 30 years. I started as a front-line advisor, then worked in various brokerage operational roles, before I got…

Merrill Lynch refocuses on performance culture

With a swift kick, Merrill Lynch is abandoning the aggressive recruiting behavior that has dominated their growth strategy for the past two decades and building a performance culture around sales,…

New Study: Sales Enablement Impact on Financial Industry Growth

Research will identify best investments for Financial Advisory Firms and Broker-Dealers New York, NY – January 31, 2017 — Xtiva Financial Systems is launching a major research project to examine…

Absolute Engagement: for business growth and happiness

The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement, the recently published book by influential wealth industry veteran, Julie Littlechild, offers a unique roadmap for advisors who want to take their business from good…

6 Myths about Advisor Compensation

Advisory firms spend more money on compensation than on any other expense, so getting it right just makes good business sense.

The DOL and Sales Performance Management

The ‘DOL’ is a game changer. We just aren’t sure which game it is changing… yet. Like most, we believe that the DOL rule will be among the most material…